A wee mess with p5.js Web Editor I’ve been watching Tom Smith‘s sketches on twitter with interest. I’ve not spent enough time playing with this, but potential for a lot of fun. One good thing is the cloning of interesting projects.

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“Using #keynote, @scratch and #clips to put this little tutorial together. Creating animation sketch sequences in Keynote and then bringing to life with Scratch 3.0 So much fun!! @AppleEDU #everyonecancreate Also introducing some Maths X and Y concepts with Scratch background. https://t.co/8unth9wnlh”


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@fourtonfish Here is a pixelated gif poem I wrote using @glitch. It is a found poem lifted from the #IndieWeb -Dev chat as we worked with @drewmcweeny on understanding some CSS and Bootstrap basics: https://a-poem-about-css.glitch.me/ #ds106 #clmooc #edu522
Featured image: have no fear flickr photo …

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I favorite any @creativecommons image I use from @flickr and used to have a stream of my faves on my “Image Attribution” page. Seeing that it was a flash player my favorite stream isn’t working. Anyone have an idea of how I could add it bacK? #IndieWeb

If there is not a WordPress plugin that will do the trick I think it would be fairly simple to make one to do this using the Flickr API Flickr Services: Flickr API: flickr.favorites.getList.

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@livedtime #tds387 The fragmentation of digital life
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How does your daily engagement with different apps and websites look like?
I’ve been musing on this one for a few days. A few years ago I wrote an AppleScript that would periodically do the F9 show all your windows and dump a screens…

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