Interesting dilemma, Thinking about moving to #ds106 It seems moving mastodon servers is not that difficult. I think you lose old posts but since I’ve POSSED some from my blog it is not a problem. Alternatively the ActivityPub WordPress plugin turns your blog into a member of the fediverse. The is attractive, but I am not sure how much understanding & work is needed. Or I could stay on

Pasta e ceci
Pasta and chickpea soup with tinned chickpeas
Made with orecchiette rather than lagane
I make a version of this but without tomato purée & without blending half the soup.
Skipped the potato and added anchovies from the other pasta e ceci in the book. A nice variation to a frequent Sunday dinner flyer.

From Rachel Roddy’s An A-Z of Pasta. Planning to get through all the ones without meat perhaps in 2022.

Using the RPi-Cam-Web-Interface I recorded a timelapse yesterday with my pi-zero. Stiched together with ffmpeg & a wee bit of manipulation with QuickTime Player for fun. I particularly like the features of QuickTime v 7 and will miss it when it finally stops working.