I use pinboard to bookmark interesting links. You can see all my links here: johnjohnston, here are some of my current favourites:


I use Huffduffer to collect audio to listen to. This supplements podcasts I listen to. Huffduffer provides an RSS feed of audio I gather and does cleaver things like converting youtube videos to audio via huffduff-video.


And here are some links from FeedLand via drummer. I am experimenting with the Better RSS Widget for this. using the shortcode: [[better-rss feed=”” hide_title=true show_summary=false items=5]]

  • Testing the new bookmarklet and found that you can use markdown for images in a post too.
  • My photos for today on the braes: Search: kilpatrickbraes | Flickr
  • New bookmarklet · Issue #214 · scripting/feedlandSupport
  • How do we best prepare young children for a world filled with digital technology? This is the question the writers in our newest issue of Hello World respond to with inspiration and ideas for computing education in primary school.
  • I love Huffduffer.