Interesting dilemma, Thinking about moving to #ds106 It seems moving mastodon servers is not that difficult. I think you lose old posts but since I’ve POSSED some from my blog it is not a problem. Alternatively the ActivityPub WordPress plugin turns your blog into a member of the fediverse. The is attractive, but I am not sure how much understanding & work is needed. Or I could stay on

3 thoughts on “Mastodon dilemma

  1. Hey John,

    I’m using on the dailywebthing and pointers instead of the ActivityPub plugin to accomplish the same thing. It took some work and tweaking to get it to work (as I recall, ActivityPub wasn’t working for me at the time). Part of what’s needed is to let your readers know how they can follow via their mastodon client – though it’s not that complicated, I’m afraid the instructions may be confusing to many users. My experience is that a number of people follow my sites via rss, but the fediverse accounts are not getting followers. I continue doing it just in case a new reader is interested in following that way.

    Just my experience. Using your personal fediverse account as you have been doing is probably better and easier regardless of what instance you’re using – but that’s just my opinion and somewhat of an educated guess. I tend to use my personal fediverse account for putting something out there that more people will see.

    Hope that helps a bit (and that I’m being clear).

    • Thanks Joe,
      I think you’ve tipped me away from ActivityPub, I’ll stick to a personal account for now. Very much dipping my toes in even though I joined in 2016.

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