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A few weeks ago I published a Drumkit script that lets you publish your post from Drummer to WordPress. It works fine, but I had one small bug I needed to fix and one nice-to-have for myself. I can say I fixed both! First, in the original Drumkit script I have a few lines with HTML in it. When you h...

Avoids the problem I’d reported nicely.

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More resources and support from the wonderful @LtL_News

Horrible url leads to New resources for outdoor learning and play – LtL

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Host-read ads and rise of parasocial marketing

Podcasts flow naturally and pleasantly into a listener’s day to day, advertisements flow naturally and pleasantly in and out of podcasts, and persuasion ceases to register as persuasion, becoming instead a benevolent suggestion from a trusted friend, an invitation to a communal experience, an opportunity to affirm that you are loyal to the community, that you “get it,” that you belong. The danger of this is that ads, host-read or not, are profit-driven, and they deserve more skepticism than a friend’s words would warrant. Advertisements are not our friends — even if they seem to spoken by them.

the intimacy of audio is one of the affordances of podcasts. This is the cloud from that silver lining.


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EXCL: Russian & US billionaire owners of luxury private members’ clubs are among a spate of wealthy foreign nationals whose Scottish firms claimed £ms in furlough payments. Trump’s firms claimed up to £1.54m despite making scores of redundancies. Thread👇

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Modern college students aren’t organizing their files into folders and directories, forcing some professors to rethink the way they teach programming.

An interesting and extensive post about generation Zs lack of understanding around the file system. Most of the pupils l teach, 10×11 years, have even less of a clue. Being brought up on phones and tablets. Being 1-2-1 iPad in school will not help. We do try towards the end of primary seven to use our laptops a bit more as they will move to PCs in high school. It is hard to get up much enthusiasm for the process given the time it takes to get up and running with a PC compared to an iPad.
I’m a folders person myself, but not particularly well organised. I do have a fair understanding of file paths, transitioning from classic Mac to OSX with slightly different representations of file pasts certainly helped that. URLs can help too, but browsers want to hide those now.