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Found myself listening to this. A younger me. Very enthusiastic. Tripping over words to get ideas out. And John Johnston is a brilliant host. Funny and charmingly left of centre. EDUtalk was brilliant. I miss it. @ewanmcintosh and @MrSMathsWizard all get a mention.

Keeping this one for the “charming” Going to have a re-listen.

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An account of a poetry lesson, with some thoughts on efficiency, on how we treat texts and on knowledge.

efficiency in teaching is a problematic idea. Of course time and energy shouldn’t be evaporated away by gimmickry or activity with no purpose. But an element of theatre, an injection of emotion, or a playful unwrapping of ideas can be worth the time if ideas are more memorably imprinted or are more deeply understood.

Interesting post in relation to knowledge, exploratory learning. I’ll be revisiting the blog for the primary section which looks really valuable.

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15+ alternatives to using laminates outside Always on the look out for good ideas here. #EYShare #EYMatters, #EYTwittertagteam, #EYFS, #EarlyYears, #TeamEarlyChildhood #EYBLUK#edutwitter #EYMaths #continuousprovision #eyideas

15+ Alternatives to Using Laminated Sheets Outside

Liked Cory Doctorow: Tech Monopolies and the Insufficient Necessity of Interoperability (Locus Online)
It’s been 150 years since a lack of coordination among new Australian states created the “middle-gauge muddle”: a nation whose railroad tracks are laid at different widths depending on which part of the country you’re in. In 150 years, no one has figured out how to make a rail car that can change its wheelbase midway through its journey and after hundreds of attempts, Australia is giving up on interoperable rolling stock. Instead, they’re tear­ing up thousands of kilometers’ worth of rail and putting down new ones.

Enjoyable read. One of the things I love about blogging is rss which provides all sorts of interoperability. is a marvellous example.