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The IndieWeb is attempting to remove these barriers, many of them complicated, but not insurmountable, technical ones, so that we can have a healthier set of direct interactions with one another

This is a lovely essay on the IndieWeb. Too many quotable sentences:

Venture capital backed corporate social media has cleverly inserted themselves between us and our interactions with each other.

Someone has archived the Art Bits from HyperCard

This stack is fantastic for showing off just how much Apple could do with two colors.

Slowly, painfully, torturously, methodically—I’ve clipped out over 700 of these ******* things and stuck them on this page at their original size for your use and enjoyment. The entire thing is less than 300kb, after all the PNGs are optimized.

In Contra Chrome, Leah carefully charts this road and its terrain in a funny and easily accessible way. In webcomic form, she documents how over the last decade, Google’s browser has become a threat to user privacy and the democratic process itself.

Contra Chrome is a pretty amazing pice of work from any angle.

The fair use of Scott McCloud‘s Google-commissioned Chrome comic from 2008 is a nice touch.

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Thanks to the mistrust of big tech, the creation of better tools for developers, and the weird and wonderful creativity of ordinary people, we’re seeing an incredibly unlikely comeback: the web is thriving again. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you had to pick the unexpected breakout consumer tech hit of 2022, you could make a pretty strong case for Wordle. In a matter of weeks, the popular word game went from obscurity to ubiquity, grabbing
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A website where you can pay your dues to the pug in a rug, by honoring it with your eyes. - The website​ - The code

Pretty delightful video showing how the The Pug In A Rug Site/page was made. Simple enough for me to learn from.

I usually do not use YouTube videos for learning preferring text or text and image. This video hit the sweet spot for me.

It also felt like Tim was working it out as he went along, developing ideas and fixing mistakes.

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Woke up this morning to the radio talking about the cost of living rising a further 5%. It infuriates me the index that they use for this calculation, which grossly underestimates the real cost of inflation as it happens to people with the least. Allow me to briefly explain.

Read this thread by @BootstrapCook. Brilliant work on how unfair inflation currently is.

Many thanks to Robert Macmillan for re tweeting.