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““Grit” is a bullshit term deployed by the privileged to valorize and naturalize their privilege… This is important reading for educators: we have to be honest about how the system is rigged.”

Which leads to Study: Poor Kids Who Believe in Meritocracy Suffer – The Atlantic from the url it looks like the original title might have been: internalizing the myth of meritocracy…

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I saw Martin Weller’s tweet out for a randomizing text generator: He got lots of replies (which is what make twitter useful when often it can not be), though many were just offering tools, no…

I always like the random…

I’ve a vague idea you could run this from a google sheet allowing folk to generate more of this sort of thing.

Liked The answer to a more secure society lies in a South African nature reserve (WIRED UK)

Cisco’s Connected Conservation programme, in collaboration with Dimension Data. The team has installed a network of sensors and cameras in a South African reserve that, with the help of machine learning, monitor activity and alert keepers to intruders. The efforts have reduced poaching incidents by an astonishing 98 per cent in just three years.

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The web is once again being deconstructed by its users in new and different ways. You can see it in tools like CodePen and Glitch, which lower the barrier to entry for folks that want to experiment with web technologies. People are building simple and complex things on these platforms, and whole communities have sprung up to encourage collaboration and sharing.