Welsh Poppy in the evening light
Garscube Estate Bridge, has a wee walk this afternoon. Saw a kingfisher bullet under the bridge and a few minutes
A couple of roe in the reeds. Earlier we saw a mallard lead a large brood across the road.
Blue Moon over the park early this evening.
A nice walk around Ardinning Wildlife reserve on Sunday morn, very quiet. Cuckoos, curlews & other singing & calling. Images:
Hawthorn, may is coming out.
Had a mooch around Ballagan Glen. Quite spectacular waterfall, behind the trees. Spring underway, primrose, coltsfoot, dog violets, wood sorrel,
Kilpatrick Braes. Had a short walk this morning. Cold and bright, a few more signs of spring. 3 roe in
Blackthorn & Wood Anemone at Loch Ardinning Yesterday
Lovely sunny day. Had a walk from the Braeval carpark, out towards Calendar, saw my first butterflies of the year,
A mild gentle evening, broken only by the zooming of territorial coots.
Cherry Plum Blossom in Victoria Park this evening. Lovely mild spring day.
Black on Blue
Kilpatrick Muir Blue skies 5 jays sidling off Larks The first primrose A roe watching through the trees No blackthorn
Despite the drizzle spring seems to have arrived in the Park. The frogs were making a racket in the wee
Met a Scary Tree yesterday morning.
A hint of spring? First time I've felt spring might be around the corner, beautiful blues today.
Just found this wee guy on a shelf. New battery & it works. Mounts on Mac too via usb. Bought
Along the canal, A goosander, hazel catkins & a boat. Weather sleet, hail and breezy! Thanks to @vanessa for the
First I've seen on the park this year. Also note we have 8 hours between sunrise & sunset today 08:29
A walk around Ardinning Wildlife Reserve this morning. The sky was clear! Frost had got rid of the mud problem.
We had a walk round Ardinning this morning, first time I've had boots on since testing positive on the 12
A bit of outdoor learning with my class this morning, I found this pretty wee mushroom.
First Clear day for a while, a beautiful moon this morning.
School Sycamore in the rain. Bright despite the weather.
Another photo from yesterday. I've not seen many bright days this autumn, but yesterday was lovely.  
We had a short walk and a picnic today. First bright day this week. Ardinning was autumnal. Saw what was
The Rowan seem redder this year. Certainly more berries than usual.
Autumnal Circle

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