Small White or Green Veined White? Seems it is hard to tell from this angle.
Smoke & Light, barbecue in the park
Dabchick & chick. Only one chick at the moment but the adult's partner seems to be stuck on a nest.
Favourite Fence Post
Four-spotted Chaser at Ardinning on Friday
Twa Corbies
Small Tortoiseshell on Sea Rocket at Barassie Beach.
Reed Bunting - Ardinning this morning
Blue Damselfly in Victoria Park this evening.
After being driven off their previous nest by coots the dabchicks are back in Victoria Park. Yesterday we saw a
A colleague found this one at school today. Google Reverse image search gives me Poplar Hawk-moth.
I do not usually filter or edit but I though this was nice.
Victoria Park Woodpecker: I'd heard there was a woodpecker nesting in the park and seen the guys with the huge
Ardinning Arrived before 8. Cloudy, a breeze sun occasionally warming. Comfrey, bluebells, bracken unrolling. Mallard ducklings, a dabchick, a woodpecker.
A couple of the coot nests on the park pond had chicks, spent a while sitting in the sun watching
First Hawthorn 2021 for me. Hallelujah
Blossom and Jetsam
  In a reflective mood.
Strange light in the park tonight. Strong sunlight and heavy clouds.
moon and magnolia
Out for a walk with my class today. We saw a few butterflies, mostly peacocks, but also a small tortoiseshell
The dabchick seem to be off to a good start this year, this nest looks a lot more substantial than
Glorious morning on the Kilpatrick Braes. Blue skies, a touch of frost, not much breeze. Icicles, primrose, larks.
Lucifer's Loch. Strange name, named on Google maps, not OS or open street. Had a walk this morning around the
Scots Pine From Below
Watched this wee guy going back and forth with nesting material this morning.
A touch of frost, clear blue.
Corrugated iron hut reflected in loch. We got up earlish and walked up to Jaw Reservoir. Beautiful still day &
Took a walk round Gartnavel after work. End of Term early finish, summer time & a clear sky. Saw a
Blackthorn Blossom, eagerly awaited, I've been passing on my commute, but this is the first I've seen close this year.
Limes from Below
Either Cherry Plum or Japanese Cherry according to PlantNet. Cold March Wind today.

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