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“Here’s a joyful blog. “It is a pretty wonderful school: with teachers and staff that foster a happy, nurturing, stimulating learning environment for the children and provide learning experiences that are inspiring and enduring.” Thanks Alastair.”

The linked post Bushcraft Week with Thornlie Primary – Aspen Outdoors Ltd is great. Often folk working with schools post the nice photos but this one has some great activities spelt out too.

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“My collection of Digital Creativity tools.

I favour free and web-based tools so that I can use them easily with students in workshops.

#digitalcreativity #creativity #workinprogress”

Digital Creativity Tools: Online Tools Amazing collection of Online, desktop, mobile tools, tutorials, inspiration & more useful for #ds106 and other digital fun. Many things I’ve not seen before. Where to start…


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‪The hawthorn is a lovely tree. Every spring I think blackthorn is my favourite and the the hawthorn comes along. There seems to be even more than usual this spring. ‬

Replied to Kenny Pieper on Twitter: "I use G**gle Classroom and MS OneNote but should we not be more concerned that these huge multinational tech companies are seeping in to our every day classrooms? Always at the back of my mind." (

I wonder if we should spend some time explaining to pupils why we choose the tools we use, the affordances of said tools and the drawbacks. In the case of “free” tools why companies give them away. I don’t believe we think about these reasons in enough depth.

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I was really excited when Tim Nahumck agreed to come onto Automators to talk about Drafts! In the last year the app has increased in power so much, as well as gaining a Mac app, and now seemed like the perfect time to cover it. Today I thought I’d share a few bonus tips that were mentioned in the …

I really enjoyed this episode of Automators. I’ve used drafts for a long time, one of my favourite iOS apps. Listening made me realise I still mostly use the oder features. I need to spend some time getting up-to-date. A lot of digging to do in the shownotes.

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Dominique Schwartz reports on the water currently filling Lake Eyre. What is unique about this is that it is all just nature. Although locals fought an attempt in 1995 to introduce large-scale irrigated cotton farming on the Cooper, there has not been any other attempts. It makes me wonder about rew…

Great story Aaron, the linked webpage is beautiful too.

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points to his blog post The way of the remix.

Where he asks:

Do you remix?
If so, how do you remix? What is your remix trigger? Is it curiosity or simply joining the dots as you see them? Do you like to layer-up? Or strive to simplify? Is it a tickly thought? Or a random one from left field?

Well yes, I think I do, although my definition of remix might be widened to include mashup. but of course, Everything is a Remix.

How, is a long story. I guess I prefer DIY approaches. I use baby steps, image editors (Fireworks is my fav), JavaScript, php, commandline tools (ffmpeg, imagemagick, gifsicle) and anything else that seems interesting.

The why is harder, I am not a developer or an artist, I don’t make anything as polished as the remixes that scale on social media. I like to think it is because I nearly can. That is I am going to learn something in the process.

DS106 was a major trigger, the people involved, especially @cogdog, @jimgroom and @mvdfunes The daily creates from DS106 often led to remixing.

Wouldn’t it be cool is another trigger, or I wonder, or will it be funny, or impress someone(Usually only me). Or I learn about a new, to me technology and try it out.

Here are a selection remixes & mashups I am quite please with:

Featured image, a remix of a gif that I made as a remix of an image in the Tate. using The way of the remix by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND.