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4/15 #HeyPresstoConf20 For fun try adding /wp-json/wp/v2/posts/ to any WordPress url or /wp-json/wp/v2/posts/?per_page=1 will get you the latest post or /wp-json/wp/v2/comments for 20 recent comments or /wp-json/wp/v2/search?search=splot will return search results for "splot"

Alan, you might like Multi WP Blog search from a while back. Local storage could make it actually useful.

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Ok, listen up. Podcasts are stupid. I’ve got good reasons too, if you read on. There are two types of blog posts – ramblers (like this one) and informative. That’s generally what you’ll see on the Internet. Most personal content is a rambler type of blog post. It may be the most succinct two...

There is a lot to agree with here. I’ve been guilty of creating podcast with all your worst nightmares, skype, rambling and more.

But I love podcasts. Two main reasons, one the sound of voices is different, for me, than reading a post; two, I can listen to podcasts while driving to work. I don’t want succinct  information, I want to be able to do the equivalent of rambling for listening, picking up bits and pieces, thinking of something else, paying attention to the traffic.

I remember when I started podcasting there was a txt file going round that explained, by example, how much better plain text was. That is fine if you can look at it, not so much if you are washing the dishes:-)

Enjoyed the rant!

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This is where we fail in work and in education. The best two minutes of your day.

Brilliant! Probably try this next week (the second part).

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In light of his induction into the hall of fame, Cory Doctorow reflects upon his origin story. It makes me think that every origin story is unique. What stood out was that although Doctorow had support from a number of people his development involved keeping on going.

Thanks for sharing this Aaron, there are not many examples of successful people acknowledging the help they had on the way to that success. This brings some well needed reality to the idea of a meritocracy. Mr Doctorow does this beautifully.

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First week’s was yours? Would love to hear others thoughts on their return to school

I am in a good place, my class all pupils I taught last year, gone from a 4-7 multi-composite to 6-7 will cut down planning & prep. Having emptied the room before summer means I can’t find the duct tape and am missing my cardboard mountain. Mask on when I move about the room.