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Let's Rebuild Utopia ( make a zine, use digital tools too, dream the world better! )

I love how the great ideas here, Let’s Rebuild Utopia, can be used at any level of education. You can bring these tertiary activities into the primary classroom. My class love making wee books and I’ve seen some nice blackout poetry from other classes.

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Thank you Wouter for the read. I accept your criticism of my practice. To explain my personal intent, I used to use Diigo to capture such links. However, I turned to using my own sites as I wanted to own the data. I am not worried about whether it is ‘blogging’ or a ‘weblog’, my focus is on ...

I for one appreciate your linking, mention, breadcrumbs that make up your online trails.

Dave Cormier Should be delighted to get so many mentions🤣

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For today's TDC... #tdc3419 #ds106 #ds106 Digital Loss

@ds106dc #tdc3419 #ds106 so many, services that have vanished or pivoted, domains gone 404 or on sale. Bless the internet archive.
But my biggest regret was pilot error, forgetting I’d off loaded my photo library to an external disk I flattened the disk for an emergency backup.
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More Learning from Lockdown 2020. Exhausting change ideas to learn what does and doesn’t work! @FifeCYPIC @Burntisland_PS

Provision of IT equipment to a family to overcome digital exclusion did not increase their engagement with online learning

Not unexpected. But I am finding this series of posters from @FifeCYPIC really interesting. Wonder if they are available as pdfs?

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Seeing all over how teachers are using minecraft. Have used it a little myself but only with the free trial use (and with my own subscription) Question...if you had access to minecraft here in Scotland would you use? Poll below. Share ideas of use in thread #TeamMIEEScotland

I’ve used Minecraft edu a wee bit & minetest (free) before that. Both **very** engaging. I do wonder how effective they are for the amount of time spent. I wonder if there is any research? Thinking of some of the lessons.

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Like many teachers who have spent the past year teaching virtually, I have had to get used to one sad reality: My eighth grade students rarely turn their cameras on — and very few are willing…

Hi Bill,
This is really interesting. I teach younger kids, primary 6-7 age 9-12 but I saw a gradual spread of turned of camera and lack of audio from my class over our second lockdown at the start of the year. As I was using teams, I used the text chat and got a lot more responses and considered ones using that.
Interestingly some of my class were in school, essential workers kids, there were a lot more vocal I presume because they were sitting in a room together and gained confidence from that.
I do occasionally use online responses in class and I’ll be thinking of easy ways to incorporate that in the future.