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EDUtalk is organised by David Noble (@parslad) and myself (@johnjohnston)

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ScotEduBlogs is an aggregation of Scottish Educational Blogs.
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These are things that hopefully could be useful.

Simple FlickrCC Search

Simple FlickrCC Search is a way to search for, and stamp with attribution, Flickr images that you can use. It is designed with school pupils and mobile in mind. You can use the images in blog posts, presentations etc and not worry about attribution. You can also generate an html embed code with attribution and […]


photoblitzer is a really simple wbpage page that just gives a list of ideas for taking photos. I originally made it for a #ds106 project (20 Minute Photo Challenge: ds106 Photoblitz – CogDogBlog) and blogged about it on my 106 blog 106 drop in – Photoblitzin. Since then I’ve used it as a starting activity on a […]

Gif showing the mixedd up sentence maker in action.

Mixed Up Sentences

This web page lets you quickly type a sentence on a pupils device and mix it up from them to sort out. I’ve also a system to create links to that page that will have a particular sentence already created. Example. I made the page creation a little easier and also add a QR code […]

Web Mashups & Gif Fun

These are mostly webpages I’ve put together for fun and learning a bit about the web.

I’ve an unhealthy fascination for animated gifs, not only making them but in messing around with displaying them and mixing them up.

DS106 Gif TV

DS106 Gif TV is a weird way of looking at gifs created by some of the DS106 participants while listening to DS106 Radio. It used the DS106 Gif API a bit of silliness that I am playing with: Gif Scraping and a DS106 Gif API


pechaGif Clicking Start will start a slideshow of 20 gifs, that will last 20 seconds(or your selection) each. The gifs will be a random selection from the ‘DS106 Random Gif API’, the challenge would be to improvise a incoherent presentation from gifs you have never seen. Escape will get you out of fullscreen, reloading the page will give a new […]

Social Media is

Social Media is this is a wee bit of fun using Google autocomplete to explain different social media applications. Notes on creation of these gifs: Automating autocomplete Gifs.  

The Zen of Don

Make Strange Don Draper gifs in the browser. The offshoot of ds106 that is #giffight has given me a lot of fun. Every so often the giffight tumble posts an image with the invite for anyone to use it to create an animated gif from. After much testing and playing around I’ve managed to get to a place […]

Random Flickr Blendr

This is a little bit of fun I’ve been playing with Random Flickr Blendr It blends random Flickr Images. I’ve blogged a bit about the process on my DS106 blog: Accidental Allure   The featured image on this post is a screenshot from Flickr Blendr, the images blened are: Racetrack – Death Valley, United States […]

Gif the Dub

Gif the Dub This is a experiment with mixing a couple of APIs the Giphy one and the freesound api. I used neocities to host the page for free to try that site out.


GifMovie site I am trying to make a plugin that will: add sounds to a gif present a gif as a ‘movie’ starting and stopping on a click. I do not really know what I am doing. I have seen a few plugins that ‘freeze’ a gif until clicked, they seem to generate a jpg […]

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