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Watched: Your website is a slow, bloated, carbon-belching monstrosity

I watched this on Reclaim Open Online, I can not see how to link there so YouTube.

An enjoyable and realistic watch. I occasionally though about running my Pi off solar. But I live in a flat and hardware is not my favourite thing, maybe one day…

live your life be happy um make better websites for people not really because it’s going to save the world, because it’s not. Capitalism is the problem not JavaScript libraries…

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and at the start:

if you’ve ever seen this article which I kind of like it lets you know that your personal carbon footprint was a little slogan developed by an ad agency at the request of British Petroleum to help make you feel guilty for stuff that larger and like commercial interests do so with that maybe you don’t have to feel guilty about whether you recycle or not or whether your websites are particularly fast energy efficient but I would argue that you want to do it anyway because you care about stuff like this accessibility… 1

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I used the youTube auto generated transcript for the quotes, tweaked then a bit.  I wonder if there is a way to search these rather than copy them out to a text editor and search there…

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Watched Experience TiddlyWiki Fluency: Creating a Reading List from youtube.com
Because TiddlyWiki is radically customizable and allows you to think in new ways, it can be hard to "get it" if you haven't used it. In this video, I show what it looks like to be fluent in TiddlyWiki by creating a complete, functional application to track books and articles we've read and would like to read, in just over an hour. This video is 100% uncut and unrehearsed, programming mistakes and all. You can learn all the skills you need to do everything shown in this video with Grok TiddlyWiki (https://groktiddlywiki.com​ – coming soon!)

This was just great. I’ve been using TiddlyWiki on and of for a couple of years. I really like it but it has been tricky to really get into it. This was a revelation. Looking forward to Grok TiddlyWiki. In the meantime I’ll go over this video again.