Small Copper

Quite a lot of rain recently, but we had a dry hour or so, some sun a a fairly strong breeze.

A few blue damselflies and smallish red dragonflies along the path. Sheltered by the bracken which is starting to droop, lots of flowers go to seed. Scabious coming up strongly.


A few peacock butterflies on the knapweed, a small copper on the path, the odd painted lady and white but fewer than recently.

I love seeing wood pigeons flighting in the wind. The Black Linn was full of rain water.

A favourite walk.
A mix of cloud and sun, with a nice breeze. Shirtsleeves all day.
The climb up Troisgeach was enlivened by the many tiny wildflowers around the burn. Mostly bedstraw and tormentil, but patches of thyme, butterwort, gentian and others. Reminds me of Scotland small? .
Lots of small heath butterflies and a few fritillaries on the way back down when the sun came out. The pools that wee full of frogs the last time are now full of fat tadpoles.

Found a nice 6 pointed deer horn on Troisgeach.
A few stags in velvet between Troisgeach & Meall an Fhudair.

photos and map:


Frog in the Grass
Frog in the Grass
Ben Oss behind Bog Cotton
Ben Oss behind Bog Cotton
Fox Moth
Fox Moth

It has taken me a while to get this one together. I am still experimenting with recording on the hoof. This time I decided to record a series of short clips in Voice Memos. the intention was to string them together quickly with Ferrite. I found that a bit footery on the phone and ran into the three track for free limit.

Returned to the problem on the iPad and Hokusai. Only took a few minutes. Both ferrite and Hokusai are made by the same developer! I think I might read Difference: Between Hokusai Audio Editor and Ferrite Recording Studio — Wooji Juice I need to get a bit more practice with these apps.