@vasta on micro.blog posted about satellitestud.io/osm-haiku/app (one of my favourites)

we automated making haikus about places. Looking at every aspect of the surroundings of a point, we can generate a poem about any place in the world.

I’ve been having fun generating random haiku and then matching with photos from my camera roll of the same places.


I found that the tumblr produced by my raspberry pi (gifs of the sky) has been flagged as containing
sensitive media. I reviewed the posts & appealed around 40 of them (4 click per appeal). Unfortunately there are a dozen or so which can be appealed?
gif of sky fladdded by tumbr as sensitive!

I’d spent the previous few hours walking without seeing much wildlife. The caw of a few crows and a buzzard in the mist. A couple of grouse on the braes and the odd raven, one with what looked like a lump of meat in its beak. Pigeon and tits in the trees.

Joining the metalled road from Loch Humphrey at the cattlegrid and round the next corner. A buzzard left a tree on the right of the road 10 yards in front. As I watched it glide off some goldfinches went over head. To my left two more sat chatting. My eyes were pulled by fieldfares leaving the trees. A woodpecker was silhouetted on a dead stump like a classic cartoon. It flew to the top branches and clung letting me have a good view.