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"15. Thank you for being here. And maybe the next time you present some information, share it with a nice little WordPress website and see how it goes! Oh yeah, if you want to see this presentation on a WordPress site, here you go: #pressEDconf19…"

WordPress for presentations is a great idea. I couldn’t follow live so appreciate this more than a pp. WordPress can post replies to tweets too;-) #pressEDconf19 #IndieWeb

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I find the whole ‘HyperDocs‘ thing interesting Stephen. I think that the online nature of GSuite has led to the association. However, as Alan Levine has shown with thinks like SplotPoint, the answer does not always have to be Google. The challenge is the ease of use, especially in regards to the...

I’ve read a bit about Hyperdocs over the last few years. It has never made complete sense to me, it seems to be trying to recreate webpages with google documents.

I wonder if might point to a better way? It certainly would solve the template problem…