At the end of last year I started using Good Reads again, but quickly found I want to record what I’ve read but don’t want to write a review.

I am much happier writing one line notes/reviews here. I’ll probably manually POSSE to Good Reads, but consider this where I keep the record.

I’d really like to map posts with the book emoji, 📚, to the Read Post Kind automatically. That means posts from would get sorted here without me having to go to the dashboard and edit. I do have a function on the blog to add a wwwd category to any post containing colon wwwd colon but I don’t know how to set the post kind in the same sort of way…

📚 Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan Very enjoyable, pulled me along. Detail from several fascinating aspects of history (crime, war, merchant ships, diving) in the period. The drawing together at the end happened at a faster rate, perhaps too quick? ★ ★ ★ ★

the @wp_glasgow meet up tonight was good. A chance to sit with Gutenberg for a while beside other folk was very useful & has slightly mollified my knee jerk grumpiness.

With the lovely emoji tags on I wonder if someone could create a WordPress plugin or snippet that would apply an #indieweb post kind to different emoji in posts? I’ve got one that applies a category if it contains a string, but I don’t know how to set post kinds.

📚 Nineteen Ways of Looking at Wang Wei (with More Ways) by Eliot Weinberger
I am trying not to finish this. A look at a 20 word poem via 19 translations is amusing, fascinating and I am throughly enjoying it. Going to look at some of Mr Weinberger’s essays later.

Micro Monday: @colinwalker, consistently interesting posts on a wide spectrum of topics, helpful WordPress code snippets at a level I can just about get. Great microcast voice.