Replied to Self-hosting TiddlyWiki with GitHub Pages by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich

The fact that an empty TiddlyWiki file is named index.html gave me my answer: set up a GitHub Pages-based website and simply connect it to my domain!

However, as simple as this pathway may seem to some, I thought I’d briefly document the process I took so others can do the same for themselves.

Hi Chris,

This worked very well for me, I already had some git hub pages so just added another directory

Took a few goes to get the settings to stick but I got there. I also found if I had two browsers open saving failed. Get the odd save error, but it seems to sort itself out in the end.

Not sure what I am going to do with this as I’ve a couple of other Tiddlywikis, but it is fun to play with.

Replied to re John Johnston Indigenous Desktop Test by Aaron DavisAaron Davis

I know that emojis have been an issue in the past, however I manually remove it from the slug these days (see url The only emojis are in the title?
I think that you have touched upon my only concern/frustration with Micropub/sub Readers….

Hi Aaron,
I find emoji anywhere in Response Properties makes them vanish on publish. Lots of folk use them in twitter names, and if I’ve been too lazy to look at the details, boom.

Indigenous seemed to fill the response properties in an emojiless post, but I needed to update the post manually to get them to show on the front end of the blog.

I’ve got Default Status for Micropub Posts set to draft, and posting from Indigenous’s post section respected that, but replies didn’t. I need to test a wee bit more.

I guess I want cake and eat it, quick posting and the ability to edit quotes etc. Unfortunately I don’t have the ability to dive in and do this for myself.

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