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“And so it begins. The Conservatives welcome the new PM by pumping Facebook full of Boris Johnson ads. They’re running an astonishing 554 versions of these things. Almost as if they’re gathering data for an election…”

Interesting thread, very hard to grasp the scale and complexity of this.

Reposted Jean MacDonald on Twitter: "The latest episode of @microdotblog’s Micro Monday series features @johnjohnston from Glasgow. If you like hearing someone with a Scottish accent talk about blogging and the open web, this is for you!" (

I think I’ve listened to all of the Micro Monday podcasts, which are short podcasts talking to the members of the community. As I’ve enjoyed every episode I was honoured!

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“Prepping a talk for #TCC24th Online Conference, revisiting one I did in 2004. Almost every web tool I cited then is dead, gone, except for the one people have said for years would be gone. This is the ephemeral web.”

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“#resilience “The difference between ‘resilience’ and ‘don’t let the bastards get you down’? The latter places the problem w/ the bastards, the former places the problem w/ you”. We must not allow pressure for resilience to permit broken systems to persist”

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“I would urge all parents to read this article. As a parent of a child who often struggles & can sometimes be ‘that’ child, I wish for more understanding. We’re working so hard to help him. As a teacher… well it made me cry”

Great link: Teacher to parents: About THAT kid (the one who hits, disrupts and influences YOUR kid) – The Washington Post