Reposted Jean MacDonald on Twitter: "The latest episode of @microdotblog’s Micro Monday series features @johnjohnston from Glasgow. If you like hearing someone with a Scottish accent talk about blogging and the open web, this is for you!" (

I think I’ve listened to all of the Micro Monday podcasts, which are short podcasts talking to the members of the community. As I’ve enjoyed every episode I was honoured!

Reposted Alan Levine on Twitter (Twitter)

“Prepping a talk for #TCC24th Online Conference, revisiting one I did in 2004. Almost every web tool I cited then is dead, gone, except for the one people have said for years would be gone. This is the ephemeral web.”

Reposted Dr Biscuit on Twitter (Twitter)

“#resilience “The difference between ‘resilience’ and ‘don’t let the bastards get you down’? The latter places the problem w/ the bastards, the former places the problem w/ you”. We must not allow pressure for resilience to permit broken systems to persist”

Reposted Kiersty T on Twitter (Twitter)

“I would urge all parents to read this article. As a parent of a child who often struggles & can sometimes be ‘that’ child, I wish for more understanding. We’re working so hard to help him. As a teacher… well it made me cry”

Great link: Teacher to parents: About THAT kid (the one who hits, disrupts and influences YOUR kid) – The Washington Post

Reposted PressED Conf – A tweeting WordPress conference on Twitter (Twitter)

“Hey #PressEd people. We're aiming to make the next PressEd twitter conferenxe as equitable as possible. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions. RTs gratefully appreciated”

I enjoyed PressED, #pressedconf18,  last time, looking forward to seeing the rerun with extra equitably.

Reposted Back to the classroom – Ian Stuart – Medium by Ian Stuart (Medium)

Now I have a request…… who would like to collaborate to develop Notebooks for courses? I must admit I tried to do this previously but the teaching community were at the early stage of becoming familiar with the technology. I feel this has moved on. So going to try again and use what I have learned.
Drop me a message and lets start collaborating and sharing the workload.

Ian Stuart returns to the classroom, which can only be a good thing for the school. He is looking for some collaboration.

I worked with Ian at Glow and his knowledge of  and enthusiasm for OneNote is amazing. A great opportunity for D&T collaboration.

Reposted Frances Bell on Twitter (Twitter)

“@suebecks @suewatling @catherinecronin @ambrouk @LTE_Hull Could I gently encourage you Sue to publish your reflection as a blog post where it can be commented and found, possibly curated in future? 🙂 It’s great having this conversation on the Twitter stream but it’s more likely to disappear under the surface than bob along on top :)”

I think this every day about a tweet, so I am posting to my blog.


Reposted WordPress Glasgow on Twitter (Twitter)

“Join us this Saturday at @SouthBlockSpace for a full day of #WordPress #OpenSource

Step into the community and join the #Accessibility, #Core – #DataPrivacy & #Gutenberg, #Support, #ThemeReview, #Polyglots and #Marketing teams for a fun day!”

Going to pop along to the morning sessions.

Reposted DuckDuckGo on Twitter (Twitter)

“We are proud to have a profitable business model that doesn't rely on collecting personal data.  Our Founder and CEO explains how we make money and why companies like Google and Facebook could still be wildly profitable without invasive tracking:

I’ve ben using DuckDuckGo on all my devices all this year. Not found a reason to return to Google yet.