As we got to the top of the hill a golden eagle came from behind it at about our height. It soared, folded its wings and dived. Another appeared and they crossed the glen soaring and diving all the way. To entranced to lift my camera.

Grid of 3x3 images, 8 photos around a map showing where they were taken. from top left: Thistle down; peacock butterfly; red admiral butterfly; stonechat on gorse against a blue sky; map; honey bee on hawkweed; view, sky with cumulus clouds, trees, and grass; mature line of trees; tansy flower
We had a nice walk up to Greenside Reservoir this afternoon. Blue skies & clouds with a fair breeze. Lots of sees, thistles & rosebay all the way. lots of angelica & meadowsweet too. Plenty of butterflies, green veined whites, peacocks, a couple of red admirals and a small tortoiseshell. Quite a few small dragonflies to fast to id. A fox running through the long grass. Plenty of goldfinches.