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I’ve been dropping in and out of DS106 since June 5, 2011 on my 106 drop in blog and on  twitter: #ds106 from:johnjohnston – Twitter Search

DS106 is possible the most fun you can have on the internet.

Here are the latest posts from the 106 drop in.

  • Wiggle Gifs

    I’ve been here before but a couple of wiggles jumped out of the photos app today. Both were photos that the phone decided to take HDR photos and I’ve set it to keep a ‘normal’ one two. I’d obviously moved enough in the fraction of a second that separated the two images in each case. … Continue reading "Wiggle Gifs"
  • #tdc2034

    #tdc2034 Today be on the lookout for your one tree! Prerequisites, you need ffmpeg installed. I did that with Homebrew . In Photos app. search from Tree, this works pretty well. Export all the photos to a folder. You need to rename all the photos to be sequential, 0001.jpg, 0002.jpg etc. So open the terminal … Continue reading "#tdc2034"
  • It is not just about Puppies

  • The #DS106 June 30 Day Daily Create Challenge

    The #DS106 June 30 Day Daily Create Challenge I am collecting my entries. I can highly recommend this to get rid of end of term stress.
  • Photo Bending with Audio Shop

    databent image
    Alan knows what I like: My hunch is @johnjohnston will have fun with this command line audio thing https://t.co/0xRDXRzZOl — Alan Levine (@cogdog) April 18, 2017 Which leads me to robertfoss/audio_shop: Your friendly neighbourhood script for mangling images using audio editing tools This turns out to be a much quicker way of databending than the … Continue reading "Photo Bending with Audio Shop"
  • End of a Good Spell

    #Ds106 GoodSpell Final Season ep 8 Letting go Bullet 107! The End! For the last episode of the DS106 Good Spell Mariana and I were joined by Jim Groom and Ronald Leunissen. Since The DS106 Good Spell Episode 1, Marina & I have been talking DS106 0n Sunday Evenings, covering her mammoth post: DS106 in 106 posts and 106 … Continue reading "End of a Good Spell"
  • Cubomania revisited

    A while back I did the daily create for 6 January 2014 Create a Self Portrait Cubomania Style. And knowced up a couple of quick web pages to make cubomania images and gif. The other day I was messing about with some web pages inspired by the Universe app and was reminded of the cubomania … Continue reading "Cubomania revisited"
  • This is #DS106

    One of the best things about DS106 is the riffing and playing with other participants. I dipped my toe in the daily create stream yesterday and pulled out a great example: #ds106 reply to me w/ tag #tdc1713 Get Your Mozart On: Compose an Imaginary Musical… https://t.co/n3URHLTgmm pic.twitter.com/THooCVsQK7 — ds106 Daily Create (@ds106dc) September 16, … Continue reading "This is #DS106"
  • #DS106 GoodSpell Final Season

    This evening Marianna & I started the final season of the DS106 Good Spell on DS106 Radio. The DS106 Good Spell is a podcast about the open online course on digital storytelling, DS106. Some background to this series on The DS106 Good Spell Episode 0 As usual I’ll post the audio to edutalk.cc One of my favourite … Continue reading "#DS106 GoodSpell Final Season"
  • Commandline gifs: Cartoon The Nitty Gritty

    I’ve covered most of this before, but given the news that someone reads this stuff, I though I’d document it a bit more. Prerequisites: ffmpeg, imagemagick, gifsicle, I’ve installed all of these commandline apps via Homebrew. Cartoon Fred’s ImageMagick Scripts: CARTOON. I downloaded this then made it executable using the terminal: chmode +x cartoon I … Continue reading "Commandline gifs: Cartoon The Nitty Gritty"