Liked Identity as a product (Scripting News)
This is about a service that is sold to end users and developers. The users pay for the service, and developers invest in it. Once it’s up and running it will be the foundation for the web as an open platform for users and developers.

Users need storage. I have to provide them storage for their writing in Drummer, and in FeedLand for things like bookmarks, their personal feeds (ones they generate). Again, I have no interest in this. But I have to do it. And I am stuck paying for their files. They should be paying for them.

Though provoking post.

Cannot disagree, I like paying for things. If I had to pay for everything I probably wouldn’t use as many online services. That would be a good thing;-)

I guess another way is IndieWeb owning your own domain via IndieAuth. Might be too much for general adoption, but would be lovely. I’ve no idea if a multiplicity of identity provides would work?

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