So I’ve been playing with AppleScript and blogging today. After reading Lazy Mac OS X: Weblog links sidebar and The Blogger API does not support the use of post titles (subjects). To set a title for your post include the title wrapped in <title> tags in your post body. I can post to this […]

 Coding is not ‘fun’, it’s technically and ethically complex by Walter Vannini (Aeon) Coding is seen as fun and glamorous, but that’s a sales pitch. In reality, it’s complicated, both technically and ethically It’s better to admit that coding is complicated, technically and ethically. Computers, at the moment, can only execute orders, to varying degrees […]

Hi Aaron, I am glad you posted this. I like bookmarklets. I run one a bit like this via AppleScript on my mac. This has an advantage of letting me add a keyboard to send straight to the clipboard. I am going to add the indieweb mark up to that using Chris’s script for reference. […]

Doug: Would be interested in you sharing yours, too John Hi Doug, My Firefox use is pretty light, so this is not too exciting. I mostly use Safari. 1 Password Facebook Container, not sure how that got there, auto installed? Fraidycat, there is always room for another RSS reader in my life and Kicks Condor […]