So I’ve been playing with AppleScript and blogging today. After reading Lazy Mac OS X: Weblog links sidebar and The Blogger API does not support the use of post titles (subjects). To set a title for your post include the title wrapped in <title> tags in your post body. I can post to this […]

Hi Aaron, I am glad you posted this. I like bookmarklets. I run one a bit like this via AppleScript on my mac. This has an advantage of letting me add a keyboard to send straight to the clipboard. I am going to add the indieweb mark up to that using Chris’s script for reference. […]

Doug: Would be interested in you sharing yours, too John Hi Doug, My Firefox use is pretty light, so this is not too exciting. I mostly use Safari. 1 Password Facebook Container, not sure how that got there, auto installed? Fraidycat, there is always room for another RSS reader in my life and Kicks Condor […]