a montage of a screenshots of the 4 sites linked in the article: https://www.reuters.com/graphics/GLOBAL-ENVIRONMENT/INSECT-APOCALYPSE/egpbykdxjvq/ https://somafm.com/reggae/songhistory.html https://www.mondo2000.com/2018/06/18/the-inspiration-for-hypercard/ https://daringfireball.net/linked/2023/12/05/an-applescript-for-safari-split-tabs-to-new-window

The Psychedelic Inspiration For Hypercard – Mondo 2000 One of the more bizarre HyperCard Links I’ve collected.

HyperCard was a precurser to the first web browser, except chained to a hard drive before the worldwide web. Six years later Mosaic was introduced, influenced by some of the ideas in HyperCard, and indirectly by an inspiring LSD experience.

The collapse of insects A beautiful webpage with a terrifying message.

“Insects are the food that make all the birds and make all the fish,” said Wagner, who works at the University of Connecticut. “They’re the fabric tethering together every freshwater and terrestrial ecosystem across the planet.”

SomaFM Player: Heavyweight Reggae Sounds good to someone with ears of my vintage

Daring Fireball: An AppleScript for Safari: Split Tabs to New Window One of the reasons I subscribed to daring fireball was the scripts.

but in recent years here at DF I’ve gotten away from sharing my occasional scripting hacks, and feel like I ought to get back to sharing them.

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