So I’ve been playing with AppleScript and blogging today.

After reading Lazy Mac OS X: Weblog links sidebar and

The Blogger API does not support the use of post titles (subjects). To set a title for your post include the title wrapped in <title> tags in your post body.

I can post to this pivot blog and a wordpress one: My Vienna Links via appleScript.

AppleScript can collect various information to post (eg the Vienna Links, latest iTunes or anything else AppleScript can get.)

Not much use in school as we don’t have macs on the network, but if I was in a school with macs I’d really be investigating this, it would be fairy simple to make a SuperCard project to collect info and post to a blog, or just make a very simple interface for children to blog with.

I am pointing the the MetaWeblogAPI Service in both pivot and wordpress but using the Blogger API, which seems simpler than the MetaWeblogAPI, but I guess if you were serious about this you would use the metaWeblog API or the Movable Type API

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