I got a request from a teacher who wanted to download a years worth of images from a Glow Blog (for end of year slideshow).

Although there are plugins that can do this these are not available on Glow Blogs. I was stumped apart from going through the site and downloading them 1 by 1. But after a wee bit of thinking I though I’d try using the REST API via AppleScript.

The REST API will list in JSON format the media:


Look at that in FireFox for a pretty view.

JSON Helper is

an agent (or scriptable background application) which allows you to do useful things with JSON directly from AppleScript.

So I can grab the list of media from a site in JSON format use appleScript to download all the files.

The script I wrote is not great, you can’t download from a particular year, but a quick look at the JSON will help in working out how many files to download.

I am sure there are more efficient ways to do this and I’ve only tested on a couple of site, but it seems to do the trick and might be useful again sometime.

–needs json helper for apple script Free from mac app store
set downloadfolder to POSIX path of (choose folder with prompt "Please select an output folder:")
set pagecountstart to 1
set pagecountmax to 1
set perpage to 10 –MAX =100
set blogurl to "FILL-IN-THE-URL"
if blogurl = "FILL-IN-THE-URL" then
display dialog "You need to edit the script to fill in a url" buttons "OK" default button "OK"
return false
end if
–We could also limit media to a particular type
–Or filter in various ways
repeat with pagecount from pagecountstart to pagecountmax
tell application "JSON Helper"
set bURL to blogurl & "/wp-json/wp/v2/media/?per_page=" & perpage & "&page=" & pagecount
set thejson to fetch JSON from bURL
set theimgs to {}
set imageCount to count of thejson
repeat with n from 1 to imageCount
set end of theimgs to source_url of item n of thejson
end repeat
end tell
repeat with img in theimgs
set cmd to "curl -L " & img & " > " & downloadfolder & filenamefromurl(img)
do shell script cmd
end repeat
end repeat
on filenamefromurl(theurl)
set s to "url=\"" & theurl & "\"; echo \"${url##*/}\""
return do shell script s
end filenamefromurl


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