Playing with gifsicle & imagemagick to combine gifs from Sky Pi.
This morning in Banton.
Doesn’t look dead but it is. Blindly followed some Linux recover stuff via virtual box with no joy. Now looking
Banton Sundown
Webberry is unwell. Outshined is an interesting filter.
@douglane photo challenge 7 "shadow" not enough sun today to get one outside. noir filter.
@douglane photo challenge 6 "seasonal" a few apples cling on after the leaves have gone
@douglane photo challenge 5 #liquid Gunpowder Tea
Morning Banton.
@douglane photo challenge day 4 Close Up. Glaze Gaze. Chrome filter.
@douglane photo challenge 3 "on the move"
@douglane Today’s photo challenge arrive after the light had gone. #tasty
@douglane #squares
Morning in the bin lane.
Good morning Banton
Orange Autumn
A little simple messing about with imageMagick more here:
Autumn Sunshine
Ardinning Loch Reflections
Sunlight on a rainy day.
Curlew and first post from desktop.
waterfall near Kildonan
Ophelia battered heron
Approaching Arran
Goose at Ardinning
Ardinning View
Autumn changes have arrived #ds106 #tdc2098 @ds106dc
Ardinning Loch a break in the rain this morning.
Strange misty limpid day at Brassie Beach today

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