A few weeks ago I noted that videogrep had an update.
I then played about a bit, including this supercut of Casablanca. Instead of looking for words or phrases I used the bits with [music] in the subtitles. I had a couple of sticky points in the process. One where I had aliased an old version of videogrep in my bash profile (not something I very often even consider!). The other I’ve now forgotten. I posted the video a couple of weeks ago then forgot to add it here.

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For today's TDC... #tdc3704 #ds106 Apocalypse [Now] Animated https://dlvr.it/SL40DL

ds106 snake not to good on mobile.

#tdc3704 I could say I was hypnotised by the beauty of the Apocalypse [Now] Animated & that is why this is a day late, but it just took me a long time. The #ds106 snake rides the wave of borrowed code, till the end of time or the pi’s SD card gives up.

A year ago yesterday I posted  2020 in a photo which was the result of a ds106 daily create. I ran my video of a year’s flickr photos through and script that averaged them and a slitscan processing process. Details on that post.

I decided to try the process with this years. I am not sure if the results are interesting or not. I did enjoy the process. This years photos stopped in October.

Here is the video again

and the results:

Here is the montage of all the pictures. I wonder if there are any other ways to play with the years set?

10 years ago today I Joined DS106. Not sure why I would have done so on Christmas eve?

This online course has resulted in over 70 posts here213 Posts on my Ds106 blog and 1144 tweets matching #ds106 in my tweet archive.

Ds106 has lead me up many garden paths, syndication, internet radioquite a lot of gif animation and lots more.

It has been an amazing educational experience while being immense fun. I’ve met, laughed and learnt from folk for all around the world.

A Merry Christmas to All DS106

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For today's TDC... #tdc3632 #ds106 #ds106 What are you reading? https://dlvr.it/SFrNCg pic.twitter.com/B17Mb7eVZp

#tdc3632 #ds106 for the last few years I’ve kept a list on by site. I’ve noticed a bit of an upturn due first to lockdown & then covid, nearly a book a day while I was isolating. I mostly read, what my wife & daughter hand down to me. Books