So I think I’ve figured out how to make a time sensitive advent calendar in #GlowBlogs. A bit late. It might do for another time or another time sensitive project.

It involves the Draw Attention pro and my favourite plugin Display Posts.

I couldn’t test the idea at lunchtime as the network is down today.

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Fun to make characters with leaves & objects 🍃🍂🍁 Even more fun to make #StopMotion animations and bring them to life 🐠🐟#TinkeringAtHome #leafman #leafanimals

Great Thread:


Bookmarked Teach Writing with the New English Language Arts Pack | Minecraft: Education Edition (Minecraft: Education Edition)
We’re excited to announce the new English Language Arts Pack created in partnership with the National Writing Project. These 10 lessons for Minecraft: Education Edition focus on world-building and engage students in a game-based learning experience that will help them learn about the writing process...

via: Digitally Literate Newsletter #261 – Silence no longer an option.
There are a lot of good ideas for using Minecraft, I’ve found I need time to figure out how to use them in my classroom, so bookmarking for later.

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It is so subtle. Really powerful message about language, how expectations are understood, and how damaging to creativity our messages can be. Let me know what the results are.

It took me a while, but the results were great:

grid of pupil work

more info on the class blog: Creativity from a Triangle – Banton Biggies

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I’ve started trying to use OneNote again. Distributed pages to class then reviewing. I am getting this message frequently. Strangely I can access the pupils work gone through the tabs. I wonder if any #TeamMIEEScotland #mieexpert folk would have an idea.

I didn’t find the lack of video for pupils a problem during daily lockdown classes. This post goes over the reason why video might be a problem and lists some ideas for compensating.

also keeping in mind some people are voice shy, and some people have noisy home environments

Although from a higher ed perspective it all rings true from a primary perspective.