A bit over a week ago I got a tweet from Athole

The premise is simple enough, for 7 days you take a B&W image, tweet it and ask someone else to join in.

I did:

Day 7 is the featured image of this post.

What is interesting about this project is that there is no hashtag. You get mentions from the folk you invite, if they take the invite up and perhaps from some of their invitees.

An enjoyable experience, I though a bit about photography (or at least my phone snapping) and enjoyed seeing other folks images. It felt a little more relaxed than hashtag type collaborations. More meandering perhaps…

Thanks to Athole and the folk who I pestered to join in.

3 thoughts on “7 black and white photos of your life

  1. Thank you for ‘pestering’ me John.
    As you said, an interesting experience, one which also left me pondering on the omission of a hashtag. How did its absence change the experience? More meandering? Relaxed? Sure. Or haphazard? Maybe.

    I’m minded to reflect on the bi-directional nature. First there’s the (intended) audience for the photos you share, which will be the 8 people mentioned in the 7 tweets. Then there’s the unknown audience of the invitees of your invitees. And of course, the wider population of your followers. In the other direction, you *become* the audience for the photos of invitees. Each little photo has a story behind it, which of course you never know because … ‘no explanations!’ I found each of those little prods to the imagination appealing.

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