12 thoughts on “New macchinetta after I ruined last on by leaving on ring….

  1. @Cassinato I use a 3 cup for coffee for my wife and myself add a tiny bit of boiling water and drop of cold milk. Not fussy buy illy or Taylor Italian beans most of the time. Need to get a 1 cup for solo, use aeropress for that at the moment.

  2. @johnjohnston agreed. i always bought the cheap stuff when i was in college. i thought lasting a year and failing seals was the norm.

    i have a Bialetti too. it’s only a few bucks more. totally worth buying name brand in this case.

  3. @johnjohnston I’ve had an Aeropress for about 6 years – good, but a bit fiddly. Don’t really use it now. Moka pot is king, wouldn’t use anything else now. Haven’t tried grinding beans yet – probably get to it at some point.

  4. @johnjohnston Ha! Think my equivalent is standing in Tesco deciding which type of Lavazza to buy. Crema e Gusto is my current favourite… I’d be lying if I said the offers never had an effect. Haven’t tried Illy yet, bit pricey. Not that much of a connoisseur.

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