Halloweenpoemsicon 08

One of my favourite pastimes is messing about with supercard an easy to use application development system for macs. One of the toys I’ve been working on for a few years is Halloween Poems. I am rushing out a new version this week. if you have a mac (OS 10.4) you might like to give me a wee hand and download my new beta.

Halloween Poems is a simple game for primary children. It lets them produce illustrated spooky poems. Features:

  • Scary word bank; click on words to insert.
  • Halloween Clip Art palette.
  • Spooky sounds.
  • Acrostics starter.

More info and a screenshot on the last version’s download page. The app is freeware and just a wee bit of non Web 2.0 fun, if you do download the beta let me know about any problems via email. If it seems to work I’ll post a final tomorrow in time for halloween.
28 Oct 2007 updated beta at: Halloween Poems_b_2.app.zip as good as it is going to get this year. next year metaweblogAPI integration.