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Exhibition title: Consumed Future Spewed Up as Present
With a new total installation, Danish artist Lea Guldditte Hestelund explores and develops the possibilities and limitations of the sculpture as well as the body, in a near-future narrative.

In her artistic work, Lea Guldditte Hestelund is fascinated by the history, narratives and potentials of materials, and how these can be released and processed – whether by cutting into marble, or by shaping and transforming her own body.

I am currently reading The Employees by Olga Ravn which is a response to this exhibition.

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There are so many reasons to be excited about generative art, but at the core of everything is this fundamental value: generative art is truly working with the essence of what shapes our new digital worlds. Coding is the key. Our future lives will be built with it. The artistic exploration of code and how it can be re-imagined, re-examined, and re-purposed is critical if we wish to build a healthy, human experience in the non-physical landscapes to come. Generative art is one step in that direction, and one that feels more important to me every day.

Many fascinating looking essays by a generative artist. On Instagram too.

Another fine rabbit hole found via Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel

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Back in the day, I enjoyed getting children to create pop art style pictures with Flash a 2004 example:

The children brought in photos as guide layers and traced them. Flash is rather a complex app for children, but we managed to have a fair bit of fun with it over the years. I’ve a set of instructions Cartoon your face with flash in pdf format for flash 5 (or maybe mx?) produced a while back.

Recently I’ve discovered an easier way to achieve the same thing, I’ve been out in a couple of classrooms team teaching using the smartboard, and this is a nice way to get children drawing on the board:

1. Get a photo onto the board
This can be done pretty quickly with Photo Booth on a mac, just drag a picture onto smart notebook:


Or you could take photos with a digital camera and import them, or use a webcam or get a photo of someone famous from the web etc.

2. Trace the photo


3. Hide/remove the photo


4 Copy the image and paste into another application for editing.


This is quite a lot of fun and an easy way to get pupils using the pens.

I’ve added this to the wonderful Forty Interesting Ways (and tips) to use your Interactive Whiteboard – Google Docs where there a lot of great ideas for using iwb.