I’ve been using Fargo for a bit of blogging recently. This is a test of using markdown to format posts. Fargo is a simple idea outliner, notepad, todo list, project organizer. It’s an HTML 5 application, written in JavaScript, runs in any compatible browser, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft IE 10. A h3 Markdown header […]

I’ve been messing around and tinkering with Fargo.io a wee bit more today. Fargo started as an outliner, I found it because I read Scripting News after messing with the OPML application on my mac. Fargo is still an outliner but it has developed quite a few interesting features in a very short time. Early […]

I am testing Fargo, an online outliner that can post to wordpress blogs. Although my blog is not a wordpress one, it still has MetaWebBlog support. I have never really used an outliner much although I’ve use the OPML application to read RSS from time to time. Fargo may just change that. Fargo runs in […]

I’ve imported all the posts from my known site here. The site was getting a ton of spam. I’m now going through the posts here & manually fixing images that were not brought over. Then I’ll delete the site. I am also manually bringing in posts from fargo as I found an html file.

My last post was review of my 2014 on Flickr, this is a quick list of some of my other online lives in 2014: John’s World Wide Wall Display, this blog 57 blog post here this year. My favourite is probably RSS Serendipity. 57 compares to about a 87 post average over the last 10 […]

I woke up the other morning morning to a bit of serendipity in my RSS reader that cheered me up. First I read Alan’s great post Don’t Be a Platform Pawn. Next up was Marco Arment Linking and quoting Waffle on Social Media which quoted in turn Community Services which pointed to What’s a Twitter […]

Rescued  from Fargo or littleoutliner? 1 Apr 2019 original 15 Aug 2014 First Munro for a while. Cloudy but warm, clouds mostly above munro height. In the Belach Bundie 4 ravens kept me entertained with a few acrobatics, croaking and making a popping sound I’d not heard before. Hills without end. Trying a slowshutter iphone […]