My last post was review of my 2014 on Flickr, this is a quick list of some of my other online lives in 2014: John’s World Wide Wall Display, this blog 57 blog post here this year. My favourite is probably RSS Serendipity. 57 compares to about a 87 post average over the last 10 […]

I woke up the other morning morning to a bit of serendipity in my RSS reader that cheered me up. First I read Alan’s great post Don’t Be a Platform Pawn. Next up was Marco Arment Linking and quoting Waffle on Social Media which quoted in turn Community Services which pointed to What’s a Twitter […]

Rescued  from Fargo or littleoutliner? 1 Apr 2019 original 15 Aug 2014 First Munro for a while. Cloudy but warm, clouds mostly above munro height. In the Belach Bundie 4 ravens kept me entertained with a few acrobatics, croaking and making a popping sound I’d not heard before. Hills without end. Trying a slowshutter iphone […]

First published on Fargo moved here 22 Jul 2019 Took a walk up to Loch Humphrey, pretty dull day and the forecast was for rain. Lots of flowers out and I took a couple of shots using the macro lens on the iPhone. The first of meadowsweet and the second of heather. The heather on […]

I’ve been keeping half an eye on the digital commonwealth project since talking to David on Edutalk. Last weekend I was doing a little blogging about the project and taking a short walk or two. One of the many attractive aspects of the project is that it invites people to think about the word and […]

First published on Fargo moved here 22 Jul 2019 With Dorothy, the weather forecast said 11 Centigrade, but it turned out to be 8, a cold May, grey sky, cold breeze. The Blackthorn is out, and plenty of primrose around the wee burns on the slope. A fairly quite afternoon for a popular walk. We […]

First published on Fargo moved here 22 Jul 2019 Given the weather was drizzle and rain we waited until after 4 to start this walk. The forecast promised some sun in the evening. This didn’t quite materialise but the rain stayed off. Plenty of fox gloves and other flora to peer at. By the time […]

First published on Fargo moved here 22 Jul 2019 Dull and overcast, looked like it might rain but didn’t. Dorothy and I took a short walk to the Whangie and back. Pleasant walk lots of bog cotton and larks. Nice Woolly Bear on the path. Surprisingly quite for a Saturday morning.