In reply to gratefully inspired by joe jenett.

Hi Joe, glad you are good. Your dedication to linking certainly inspires me!

Thanks for the comment. I think of taking photos more like a notepad than ‘photography’. I use my camera for recall, identifying things and quite often instead of binoculars. I use a bridge camera with a 60x zoom. Always shoot auto. My framing is often pot luck especially zoomed in. I occasionally think I should get a DSLR (or some-such) and a big lens, but I’d never learn to use it and could not really justify the cost.

Maybe it’s because it’s been the holidays and I’ve had more time on my phone – but the amount of hate speech on social platforms 😥 People like Joey Barton able to tweet with impunity, vile TikTok comments the norm & never removed. More work for teachers brewing

Blair Minchen

And still we are here. It boggles my mind that nations, governments, schools use social media as their main conduit of information, platforms that they have no control of.