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Watched: Your website is a slow, bloated, carbon-belching monstrosity

I watched this on Reclaim Open Online, I can not see how to link there so YouTube.

An enjoyable and realistic watch. I occasionally though about running my Pi off solar. But I live in a flat and hardware is not my favourite thing, maybe one day…

live your life be happy um make better websites for people not really because it’s going to save the world, because it’s not. Capitalism is the problem not JavaScript libraries…

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and at the start:

if you’ve ever seen this article which I kind of like it lets you know that your personal carbon footprint was a little slogan developed by an ad agency at the request of British Petroleum to help make you feel guilty for stuff that larger and like commercial interests do so with that maybe you don’t have to feel guilty about whether you recycle or not or whether your websites are particularly fast energy efficient but I would argue that you want to do it anyway because you care about stuff like this accessibility… 1

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I used the youTube auto generated transcript for the quotes, tweaked then a bit.  I wonder if there is a way to search these rather than copy them out to a text editor and search there…

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The idea

#FeedReaderFriday: A Suggestion for Changing our Social Media Patterns | Chris Aldrich

Feed Readers

Just after I discover RSS in the “flowering” of theScotEduBlogs community I got interested in aggregating RSS and creating specialised readers. Back in around 2006 I was blogging some ideas which lead to Robert Jones & Pete Liddle creating the first iteration of the ScotEduBlogs aggregation. Later I moved the site to WordPress using the FeedWordPress plug-in. I’d seen this in use on the marvellous DS106 site which aggregates blogs of students and open participants of the many iterations of the notorious Digital Storytelling course. The flow on DS106 has pulled in 91749 (at time of writing) posts since 2010.

ScotEduBlogs is at a bit of a low at the moment, there are not so many folk blogging about education in Scotland. I still love the idea of ‘specialist’ or community aggregations or feed readers. Of course the site has an RSS feed that can be subscribed to. Dave Winer’s FeedLand, which I noted in a previous #FeedReaderFriday, can also create ‘News Products’ with similar results.

Folk to Follow

I like to follow some human aggregators, even better if they add their own opinions. One of my favourites in Arron Davis his Read Write Collect blog is an IndieWeb style collector of replies, bookmarks and other responses. RSS.

Some of Tom Woodward’s Bionic Teaching – utan blixt consists of his harvest of links with brief comment. This might be auto posted, perhaps from pinboard? He also posts about higher ed use of technology and, of particular interest to me, his work with WordPress. RSS

This post is part of a series with a wee bit about readers and a couple of suggestions of feeds to follow.

Liked Handy CSS for WP Presentation Privacy by Tom Woodward (bionicteaching.com)
The following bit of CSS takes care of the blurring of content in the WordPress Multisite admin users view.

This is really useful looking. I spend a lot of time taking screenshots of Glow Blogs. Blurring usernames while leaving useful information is a pain.

Following from this conversation
Tom Woodward whipped up a plugin to clone posts on a WordPress Multi-site blog to one of your own.

I think this could be a really useful way of giving pupils a template for e-Portfolio post. I’d be very interested in exploring getting this into Glow Blogs. I’ve been asked about this sort of functionality a few times.

One of my favourite blog post series, Tom Woodward‘s Weekly Web Harvest had a good haul this week including a link to this delightful twitter bot, moth generator (@mothgenerator). I took a few hours to get my moth but worth the wait.

The bot generates a moth image from the text you tweet it.