Read: The President’s Last Love by Andrey Kurkov ★★★☆☆ 📚 life story of Ukrainian President Bunin. Simultaneously recounting three different time periods. Slightly surreal, satirical with hints of Bulgakov with out going the full “Heart of a Dog”. Gentleness too.

Replied to a tweet by Darrell Wakelam (Twitter)

You can find more Halloween crafts on my timeline and on the 'News' link at

My class had great fun with the skulls last week.

Paper Plate Skulls

We took an idea from Darrell Wakelam to make some Day of the Dead skulls from paper plates.

We then took it a bit further

Mostly School and TiddlyWiki things.

Frank & Aaron I did a little more digging. I could not see any kind info in the Rest API representation for a post. Then I saw:

Posting capability via custom REST API endpoint has been removed due improved Micropub support

from: dshanske/indieweb-post-kinds

At the moment I’d be more than happy to post as a draft and set the kind myself. I suspect that I’d reply using the WordPress editor, like now, rather than Drummer anyway.