What a topic for a lazy Sunday.

The temptation to delve deep would lead to a failure to finish this post. After a short while my thoughts become jumbled and apprehensive.

Then there is the education and business cliche of learning from failure and the Dylan koen. On the education side I am ambivalent about the idea. #nowrongpath, although many folk I admire take part, makes me feel a little uneasy. I think I’ll skip these too.

Or I could go meta and look at my failure to meet on line challenges like this one, photo a day and a variety of voluntary courses. This might loop back to the personal and get messy too.

So I think I’ll continue my successful 3 day streak with blogvember by failing to get to grips with failure and hit publish.

This post was inspired by Andrew Canion’s Blogvember Prompt List. This arrived in micro.blog at he same time as #mbnov, microblogvember.

Is there now a problem sending webmentions to micro.blog or I have I done something wrong? I’ve done it before but this post didn’t sent a mention to, or it didn’t arrive at https://micro.blog/claylowe/6241937 I tried using curl as well…

Gannet on Bass Rock

Over a year ago I started looking for a new camera. A few weeks ago I finally bought one. The compromise was the lack of a view finder.

I used the camera for a week then sent it back. The first time I’ve every done that!

There was a lot to like about it. It was the same size as my old PowerShot SX10 IS. Fitted in its case but was lighter.

Some of the photos I took were as good as I could hope for. I don’t really think or know much about photography. The idea was to have a zoom for when things were to far away for my phone.

Unfortunately the lack of a view finder made taking photos completely hit or miss. Even in fairly dull days I couldn’t see through the screen. When the zoom was out this got worse. I pointed half-depressed the shutter to hopefully focus and clicked! This was too auto even for me.

So back it went. I am now trying to make my mind up about an alternative that suits my budget. I’ve not had much luck reading reviews which seem to be aimed at a more technical reader and not really opinionated. If there was a SX 540 with a view finder I’d get that.

This post was inspired by Andrew Canion’s Blogvember Prompt List. This arrived in micro.blog at he same time as #mbnov, microblogvember.

Listened Microcast #080 – Redecentralize and MozFest from Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel

A microcast about my experiences at two events last weekend.

Microcast #080 – Redecentralize and MozFest | Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel

An interesting and wide ranging podcast Doug.

I liked the concept of seams rather than seamless technology. Likewise I’ve found a bit of friction useful. Slows things down and gives you time to think.

The decentralised session sounds like an interesting way to run a session, it is, it might be too easy for experienced confident speakers to take over such a session, so perhaps needs a fairly egoless leader. Sounds so like yours went very well.

I think you asked for microcast suggestions? I’d be interested on your take on the IndieWeb as compared to federation.


The act or power of recollecting.

Strangely when I started writing this post in my t-break and found Andrew’s blog is blocked by our filters, I recolled the prompt as remembrance.

My Recollection is helped by my blog. I fairly regularly search it to aid my rather shaky memory. In fact I’ve an Alfred shortcut that helps with that.

I also love looking back either at random or to see what I find for the particular day. A while back i made a plugin but it had a few problems, luckily it inspired Alan who made a better one.

Not only does that give me a nice page but I can show one particular date like by using [postedtoday month="11" day="1"]

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    This post was inspired by Andrew Canion’s Blogvember Prompt List. This arrived in micro.blog at he same time as #mbnov, microblogvember.

Read: John Crow’s Devil by Marlon James ★★★☆☆ my least favourite Marlon James so far. Got a bit too “magic realist” for me around the middle. 📚