Read An hour or two of outdoor learning every week increases teachers’ job satisfaction (

A Swansea University study has revealed how as little as an hour a week of outdoor learning has tremendous benefits for children and also boosts teachers’ job satisfaction.

the pupils felt a sense of freedom when outside the restricting walls of the classroom. They felt more able to express themselves, and enjoyed being able to move about more too.

I’ve eaten a fair bit of toast in my life. Until I was 21 and stopped eating meat I think I had toast and bacon for breakfast most days. After that I moved on to toast and marmalade, preferably Frank Cooper’s oxford.
My tooth has got a little less sweet and in the last 10 years I’ve moved on to muesli and yoghurt most mornings. I still like toast. At school the pupils can get toast at morning break time and I usually grab a slice. I often have some with peanut butter when I get home from work. Weekend mornings I’ll have toast and egg or french toast from breakfast.

Until I had a cholesterol test I had a strong preference for butter, now I seem habituated to margarine.

I like a few other things toasted too, scones for one.

Thinking of toast I remembered a lyric, ‘a little piece of toast’ which lead to a song from when I was 20 Streetband – Toast

On the way I found another toast song I heard last year Koffee – Toast

Toast, tasty and inspirational.

I have just noticed that you can slide down the reply to reread what you are replying to in iOS. I now feel my copy reply close, reread, reopen paste technique is suboptimal.

Replied to Lackawanna River American Mink – November 2019 – Colin Devroe

Hi Colin, another enjoyable episode. You were interested as to how and were people listen. I am subscribed using Castro on my phone. I listened the the first half walking around the dark streets in search is a wee bit of exercise. The second on my commute the next day driving home.
The natural history angle made this episode even more interesting than usual.