I am back using the blogging bundle for TextMate to post to my blog. > 400 posts on this blog were created using textMate. I really liked using it.

I stopped using TextMate for blogging when I started using IndieWeb concepts on my Blog. TextMate has no way of doing post kinds. I am now thinking I can blog to a draft (see the screenshot below) then sort out the post kind in the browser.

Since TextMate went to version 2 it no longer had the templates feature. This allowed you to produce the headers at the top of the file. I though I’d just make an Alfred snippet to do that, when I did so I found I’d already done that a while back!

Mind you TextMate is getting long in the tooth and the blogging bundle has not been updated for 4 years. I am running Mojave on my mac and when I finally upgrade a few OSs I suspect things will not run smoothly.

Text Mate Window Blogging

Update, made from TM, the image above looks strange in the media library. Worked in the post fine, but has a file icon rather than a thumbnail.

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