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Let's Rebuild Utopia ( make a zine, use digital tools too, dream the world better! )

I love how the great ideas here, Let’s Rebuild Utopia, can be used at any level of education. You can bring these tertiary activities into the primary classroom. My class love making wee books and I’ve seen some nice blackout poetry from other classes.

Listened Ep 9: Something for a Monday: Exploring the beauty and authenticity of informal professional learning conversations, finding community and belonging through #TeachMeet networks from
In this episode I talk with Mags Amond, a retired post-primary school teacher and PhD candidate, about her research on a form of informal continuous professional development among teachers all over the world.  It is called TEACHMEET where teaching professi...

Very interested to listen to this one. Mags’ phd on TeachMeet covers some interesting territory.

I’d love to hear more on the transitions to online only events. I was surprised to hear they feel authentic. I’d also like to hear more about the links to open.

I’ve been out of theTeachMeet loop for a while, as far as I know they have all but vanished from the Scottish scene. It was exciting to get caught up.


We has a nice gentle stroll from Dawsholm up the River Kelvin to the vet school and Maryhill Road.
Lovely sunny day, it really feels like summer now. Plenty of butterflies out, orange tips and whites.

Bluebells in the woods along with garlic mustard and wild garlic. Everything green and lush. A few trout rising on the river. Watched a goosander fishing, and saw a heron sunning itself.

Bookmarked Google’s plans to bring AI to education make its dominance in classrooms more alarming by Katharine Schwab (Fast Company)
The tech giant has expressed an ambition to transform education with artificial intelligence, raising fresh ethical questions.

These are technical, ethical, and political issues that should not only be delegated to educators and school leaders to sort out. They need to be addressed at the regulatory level, and through democratic, collective discussion about the future of schools beyond the pandemic.

As a teacher, I don’t think educators or school leaders have any hope of sorting these issues out.
Pretty scary article!

Ardinning Early We got there about 7:15 this morning, already 3 cars parked. Didn’t see the occupants. Bluebells & woodruff in the woods. Cuckoos calling, larks and curlew. Still and warm with a bit of a haze. Stonechat, bullfinch. lots of bird song. Dabchicks fishing on the loch.

Pheasant eggs
Pheasant eggs on path, presumably predated.