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  • EDUtalk, post posterous part 1
    Even though it was expected I was pretty dismayed when posterous announced that it was shutting down. Last week I blogged about possible ways forward and as I did so a cou
  • Posterous to What?
    Woke up this morning to a barrage of tweets about Posterous turning off on April 30 . We use posterous for EDUtalk and I have a few other posterous blogs too. This is not
  • EDUtalk @agarwal to the rescue
    A couple of weks ago I had posted More Posterous Worries I had tweeted to @posterous and mailed the help to no avail. Then a week ago I tweeted to Sachin Agarwal @agarwal
  • More Posterous Worries
    I've been a big posterous fan since June 29, 2008 since then I've blog with and about posterous a lot. More importantly it is at the heart of EDUtalk where there are over
  • Posterous Worries
    I've been blogging about , and with, posterous since June 2008 it is a service I love. Early on I compared it to the Flip camera : The Flip camera and posterous are both e
  • Radio Edutalk Progress
    Since the last post ( Show notes without a Show Radio Edutalk episode 2.5 ) we have taken a few more baby steps over at Radio Edutalk . A week ago, I attempted a chat with
  • #EduScotICT | Bob Hill on Fearghal Kelly's thoughts
    We still live in a world where more teachers do not use ICT as an integral part of their classroom practice than do. Barriers to use include the rigid timetable of seconda
  • Posterous update, EduScotICT lesson?
    We know a lot of you were perfectly happy with Posterous and wouldn’t want us to change a thing. Rest assured, with Posterous Spaces you can keep doing everything you’ve b
  • This 'n That - some links
    River Tales I am listening so some great pupil podcasts on Mr O'D's class posterous pupils take on the role of a river and tell their life story: Rachael does Rivers and K
  • If This Then That
    A couple of weeks ago I watched Doug 's video How I Use a MacBook Pro on of the ways he discussed was a very new (beta) service ifttt . ifttt stand for If This Then That a
  • EDUtalk
    After the success of SLFtalk David and I have been chatting about how to take the idea forward. It seemed a good idea to continue to provide educators the opportunity to p
  • SLFtalk: Using Posterous for multiuser mobile podcasting
    I've had a bit of time to think about David Noble and my experiment at the Scottish Learning festival. I blogged about the preparation and have been thinking about the act
  • SLFtalk, power of Posterous (and twitter)
    Two or three weeks ago I was having a skype chat to David Noble thinking about a podcasting project. We have not figured this out yet but we did come up with a short term
  • picPosterous
    picPosterous is a photo and video publishing app for the iPhone. At first glance I could not see the advantage of using this rather than the iPhone's mail application, and
  • Holiday Mo blogging
    I am just back from a weeks holiday. While I was away I had just about no connectivity. I had packed my laptop and iphone, but there was not internet access I could find a
  • wei wu wei blogging - posterous
    Wu wei - No action Originally uploaded by ???? I've been a fan of posterous since it started and have been amazed how the service has added features as quickly as they hav
  • iPhone on the Train
    iPhone Icon from Pixel Groovy Blog Yep it is another iPhone post. For the last 3 weeks I've been spending two forty-five minute periods on the train almost every weekday a
  • posterous a simple as blogging can be?
    posterous is a new blogging tool that takes simple to extremes. To post to posterous you just send an email to post@posterous.com from any email account, the mail is poste

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