So yesterday I was writing I would be nice to have some sort of comment enhanced podcast I forgot about odeo, today I found a wee hack to do this:

So you can send me a message.

I also found Open Source Flash – red5 an open source server that cam receive video/audio/data from a flash client and either save or rebroadcast that content. It is in beta but looks like a much cheaper alternative to Flash Media Server, and if is easy I might even manage to install it at home as red5 looks like it might run on a mac. This would provide a way to record on a web page and make something like BubbleShare but would be passed by authority web blocking. I can think of a few wonderful ideas for collaboration between schools if we could customise this sort of stuff.

Anyway it looks like some interesting things could be done here, given a bit of time and knowledge.

I’ve added an odeo button to Radio Sandaig, hopefully we will get some audio feedback.

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