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So what the bleep is this? Well, OBS Studio or Open Broadcast Software. What it offers is quite incredible and is a credit to what open source software can be. It lets you create composite scenes for video, switching between, and actually do the live streaming. It’s a digital video studio, and offers everything I used like 10 years ago running live streams from Second Life with Wirecast ($500+ software).

Hi Alan,
Thanks for this. Earlier in the year when schools were closed here I was racking what is left of my memory for a piece of freeware I used to use (perhaps pre osx) that did a little of this, system extension maybe.. I think I used it with Marritech…
OSB looks marvellous I’ll certainly try it if we go back into school closures here.

And your side rant nails it!

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Why? Just why? If you are running a virtual classroom then you and your students are not all in the same room, so why pretend? Why create a false visual hierarchy? What purpose does it serve except to extend and enhance a false sense of “normality” and control with students neatly staked in rows and the teacher at the “front”. Why try to re-create an old fashioned notion of a classroom and badge it as the “future now”.

More interesting thoughts around teaching va video conference.

Se also RE: Cameras on or off and Cameras On

I think Sheila nails the newness of this. Although we have been using video conferencing in education for a longish time, in internet years, we are just scratching the surface of it being a mainstay of delivering.

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k, so thoughts on this one. Cameras now can be on for students in Glow. If you were remote, would you want them on? Do you need them on? Essential or not? Would love to hear people’s thoughts on this #TeamMIEEScotland #digilearnscot

A wee bit more grist for this mill:
A Letter of Recommendation In the Age of Zoom – McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

found via Friday 16 October, 2020 – Memex 1.1

#TeamMIEEScotland #digilearnscot

I didn’t find the lack of video for pupils a problem during daily lockdown classes. This post goes over the reason why video might be a problem and lists some ideas for compensating.

also keeping in mind some people are voice shy, and some people have noisy home environments

Although from a higher ed perspective it all rings true from a primary perspective.

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Microsoft Teams’ new Together Mode is designed for pandemic-era meetings #altc

‪I am concerned that you have to have camera on. In Glow Scotland’s Teams pupils cameras are not & can’t be turned on. I think that helped some shy kids.
‪The Register’s take