Replied to The OBS Screen Timer Zoom Trick (CogDogBlog)
So what the bleep is this? Well, OBS Studio or Open Broadcast Software. What it offers is quite incredible and is a credit to what open source software can be. It lets you create composite scenes for video, switching between, and actually do the live streaming. It’s a digital video studio, and offers everything I used like 10 years ago running live streams from Second Life with Wirecast ($500+ software).

Hi Alan,
Thanks for this. Earlier in the year when schools were closed here I was racking what is left of my memory for a piece of freeware I used to use (perhaps pre osx) that did a little of this, system extension maybe.. I think I used it with Marritech…
OSB looks marvellous I’ll certainly try it if we go back into school closures here.

And your side rant nails it!

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