Notes to self as I try and teach myself to teach remotely. See More lockdown learning for some sort of background.

Experimenting with Farrago & loopback to merge different audio devices into Team meeting, not successful so far, mic seems to lose volume & extra background noise. Seems like a good idea, can bring in other audio to meeting.

An online lesson that goes a bit wrong really effects my mood. Given the circumstances this is going to happen quite often. A lot of my eggs in one hour.

North Lanarkshire have decided that all Teams should follow a naming pattern, NLC School Name Class Name. This really spoils the readability of posts when I want to mention the class.

You can turn on text to speech in Minecraft, then you can listen to the chat while working. The music is quite relaxing too.
Children are bonkers.

13 thoughts on “Lockdown Learning 15 May 2020 – Children are bonkers

  1. Thanks Derek, hopefully notes include what does not work. EG my internet gave up during Teams meet with class today, managed to rejoin on mobile on 4g and kept it going after a fashion.

  2. You are welcome. We need to hear more of this from teachers. Are you aware of a shared hashtag where teachers can share their experiences of online lockdown learning. Their challenges, practice and successes?

  3. Hi Derek, no I am not. It has taken me a while to free the time and mental space to blog. And I am in a very privileged position. There seems to be a lot of good advice & celebration but less ‘what happened’.

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