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  • iPhone apps I use
    Doug Belshaw shows his iPhone apps and asks: Which apps do you recommend? Why? I started a comment but it got a wee bit long. Instacast a podcatcher, I've not revisited ap
  • iOS photo publishing
    I am pretty keen on posting photos to the Internet, not because I have great interest (or any skill) in photography but as an alternative, to blogging, way of recording ev
  • Making Waves
    I've been aware of Radiowaves for a long time, it was one of the inspirations for Radio Sandaig and started me podcasting. I have not followed the development of the site
  • Three ways to tell a walk
    I've been interested in combining maps and media for a while now. Here is a recap of some of the methods I've been using. I've not often had the chance to do this sort of
  • Mapping iPhone Video
    I've blogged before about the wonderful Hmsg Spiral Map a project that combines video, audio and google maps into a mesmerising meditative experience. Recently I noticed t
  • This 'n That - some links
    River Tales I am listening so some great pupil podcasts on Mr O'D's class posterous pupils take on the role of a river and tell their life story: Rachael does Rivers and K
  • iPhone Tripod
    A while back I bought a 'Gorillapod Gorillamobile Style Tripod for iPhone 4' from eBay, for about a tenner. This works very well, and has now survived a few walks and bein
  • iTimeLapse, iOS app
    There are a horde of time lapse apps on the Apple iOS app store now. A while back I tested iMotion - Stop motion animation for iPhone and I've downloaded a few more. Yeste
  • iPhone iMovie Test Glen douglas
    As a follow up to the previous post I took some photos a few short videos and recorded some mp3s on a walk on Friday. The idea was to knit them together quickly into movie
  • iPod & iPhone Movie Editors
    Over a month ago I started dumping screenshots of a few iPhone movie editors, iMovie, ReelDirector, Splice & Vimeo with the intention of writing a detailed comparison of t
  • iPads and Glow
    iPad stand by tim_d Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License I was pretty impressed with the iPad 2 which was launched this week. Some nice new features and the speed
  • Recently Noticed iPod and iPad
    rusty chain by shoothead Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License It has been a relatively long time since I posted here so I though I'd share some interesting looking t
  • iPod Lunes Update
    A while back I blogged about a simple iPod touch/iPhone web app I was working on for creating images with lunes tamped on them ( iPod Touch Poems ). Over the last week or
  • iPod Touch ideas
    Last session I was lucky enough to be involved with a small ipod touch pilot; Glencairn iPod and blogged about it and various iPod Touch things several times . Image Court
  • UK Sound Map
    An interesting crowd sourced data project UK Sound Map answers the question: 'What does Britain sound like?' All you do is record some sound with Audioboo and tag it uksm
  • Five iPad apps
    This week I have added five new apps to my iPad and thought I’d post them here. The whole post was made on the iPad all text 'written' with Dragon Dictation. The first is
  • Maths Maps and the iPod Touch
    As a bit of a google maps enthusiast I love Tom Barrett's Maths Maps ideas. It looks to me like a nice way to show some 'real' application of maths in an engaging way. I a
  • iPod Touch Notes #2
    It has taken me a while to get round to the second post based on a morning at Glencairn primary working on the ipod touch project . In fact the pupils have beat me to it:
  • iPod Touch Notes #1
    This is the first of a few posts based on my morning today at Glencairn primary helping with their ipod touch project . I started syncing and adding a few apps to the iPod
  • iPod Touch Poems
    Recently I've been thinking about ipod touches quite a bit. As well as giving some support to the Glencairn ipod project and being the middle man for a wee Consolarium tri
  • SonicPics
    SconicPics is an iPhone/ipod touch application that allows you to create custom slideshow movies. The movies are made from still photos which you can add from the photo li
  • Ustream iPhone app
    I've had this installed for a few days now, but the flurry of snow tweets (the #uksnow Map 2.0 is looking great) reminded me to try the live streaming from my iPhone to US
  • iMotion - Stop motion animation for iPhone
    Recently I've been doing a bit of stop motion animation, cpd for staff and in the classroom . Using a variety of software: SAM animation , FrameByFrame and I Can Animate .
  • SLFtalk: Using Posterous for multiuser mobile podcasting
    I've had a bit of time to think about David Noble and my experiment at the Scottish Learning festival. I blogged about the preparation and have been thinking about the act
  • UK ADE Conference 09
    At the weekend I was down at the ADE conference in Liverpool. I drove (was driven down) on Saturday morning with Ian and Ann, colleagues from North Lan. Saturday kicked of
  • picPosterous
    picPosterous is a photo and video publishing app for the iPhone. At first glance I could not see the advantage of using this rather than the iPhone's mail application, and
  • Mobile Tales
    iPhone Icon from Pixel Groovy Blog Yest another mapping/iphone post. This might not seem like education but I consider the mapping of walks etc. a sort of trial for possib
  • Holiday Mo blogging
    I am just back from a weeks holiday. While I was away I had just about no connectivity. I had packed my laptop and iphone, but there was not internet access I could find a
  • Mapping Walks Again
    Since my last walk map post I've made a bit of progress. I am now using Trails an iPhone app that: allows you to record, import and export tracks onto your iPhone. Trails
  • More iPhone locating
    I decided to try a new approach to plotting photos on a map today and use EveryTrail which according to the site: With this geotracking application, you can record your mo
  • Animoto for iPhone
    Free way to very quickly create animoto slideshows with your iPhone. More information Animoto on the iPhone and Itunes Store Link .
  • iPhone on the Train
    iPhone Icon from Pixel Groovy Blog Yep it is another iPhone post. For the last 3 weeks I've been spending two forty-five minute periods on the train almost every weekday a
  • Another kml experiment
    on google maps kml file
  • Taking an iPhone for a walk
    I've been quite interested in finding out how my iPhone could be used in teaching and learning. last week I and my class making GPS MathTracks inspired by the LearningTrac
  • GPS MathTracks
    After an exciting twittersation between Andrew Brown and Tom Barrett reported on David 's blog EdCompBlog: Can you guess what it is yet? and Ollie's iPhone posts (starting
  • ScotEduBlogs on iPhone
    Given the September weekend weather and having a cold I spent a lot of time the weekend in front of my computer. I spent most of the time following up links from the Scott

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