That’s also why your post content wouldn’t break, if you were to disable IndieBlocks. (I.e., while the dynamically generated “theme blocks,” like the Facepile block for webmentions, would “disappear,” posts should remain intact.)

Thanks Jan, the not breaking part is really important. I am using IndieBlocks more as I transition slowly to blocks here. I also just had the thought I could look at the code view with the reply block to get a template I could use with TextMate so that those posts word be the same as ones make with IndieBlocks.

I was thinking of the Site Editor as I was using it elsewhere to make templates for different posts, but I think that is a red herring. Now I think about it templates are more about the look and layout.

Replied to a reply by Ton Zijlstra (
In reply to a bookmark by John Johnston The templates contain what I want to have inside a blogposting for a reply, favourite, bookmark, rsvp or check-in. I apply them before I submit something to WordPress, so they are fully outside of my blog and get send as HTML to my blog. Two main ways: if I ty...

Thanks Ton, Having your own snippets sounds like a great idea. As I post via the class & block editor and using TextMate at different times a method independent of my blog would work for me.

Bookmarked Disabled PostKinds Plugin by Ton Zijlstra.

My main issue with it was that it places key elements such as the weblink you’re responding to outside the posting itself. It gets stored in the database as belonging to the PostKinds plugin. Meaning if you ever switch it off, that gets wiped from your posting (although it’s still in the database then). This was a dependency I needed to get rid of.

This crosses my mind from time to time. I depend on without fully understanding the Post Kinds plug-in. I am halfway between Post Kinds and IndieBlocks as I use Blocks a bit more. I’ve used them a lot on Glow Blogs and am less worried about switching to them full time. I wonder about,

deploying small templates that allow me to mark a posting as reply, rsvp, favourite, bookmark, or check-in, within the postings I’m writing.

as mentioned in Ton Zijlstra’s post.

I wonder if these are an alternative to IndieBlocks or something else. Can you make templates with the correct microformats in the Site Editor? But that would not work as semipress is not a block theme so I guess the template would be php?