Replied to Replied to Behind a login on LinkedIn For the last several years it has increasingly worried me that schools (governments & others institutions) used Twitter as their main publishing system. A system not designed for users but for advertisers and owners and more evidently recently their owner’s unsavoury ideas. We seem in some […]

My use of Twitter has reduced massively of late. I still follow the odd link to see content. This is often in an iOS app. These usually open in the app’s ‘own’ browser rather than jump to Safari. This leads to a login page and I give up. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I do use Twitter for school work, just not comfortably I prefer to post to the class blog & syndicate to twitter. The latest twitter crisis reinforces this. I’ve never really liked the idea of Twitter or any other service being the official or main channel of schools (or government services). Schools should not be […]

Twitter lets me know that I joined Twitter 14 years ago today. My blog let me know that on this day in 2011 I was remembering a post from 2007. These posts about facebook and then google plus (remember that) could apply to twitter and other social media silos. In 2007 I was happy to […]