A quick test I am posting this from the editorial an interesting iOS app. Editorial is a plain text editor for the iPad with powerful automation tools and a beautiful inline preview for writing Markdown I've only made a few quick tests with the app but it looks like it will be of interest with […]

Even though it was expected I was pretty dismayed when posterous announced that it was shutting down. Last week I blogged about possible ways forward and as I did so a couple of possible solutions appeared: Posthaven is the safe place for all your posts forever from some of the development team at posterous a […]

Woke up this morning to a barrage of tweets about Posterous turning off on April 30. We use posterous for EDUtalk and I have a few other posterous blogs too. This is not too unexpected, I bloged about it a couple of times, Posterous Worries and More Posterous Worries but it is still disappointing, who […]

This is a quick test of a alternative way to post to my blog. I tend to blog from my MacBook. I’ve been testing various iOS systems for blogging on the go. I’ve also read a lot about blogging systems that use Dropbox files to produce a post. In the past I’ve experimented with posting […]

Blogging Au Plein Air,  after Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com Attribution License Glew is becoming more interesting everyday. The MetaWeblogAPI is now working. This is a big deal. The MetaWebLogAPI is the code that allows you to post to a blog through a variety of software rather than through the web interface. I am […]

Assignment 3 – Comic Timing – #edtechcca3 « Ed Tech Creative Collective Make a comic-strip style set of instructions for a practical task. The task you choose is entirely up to you. It could be something that relates to your subject area, or alternatively you can do something more generic like starting up and shutting […]

Blogsy is a new iPad blog editor that has a lot of useful features. It allow you to blog photos from Flickr and a couple of other photo sites, video from YouTube and also to load a webpage and drag images into the post. You type in a code view: And then swipe to a […]