iPhone Icon from Pixel Groovy Blog Yest another mapping/iphone post. This might not seem like education but I consider the mapping of walks etc. a sort of trial for possible Teaching and learning activities. At Sandaig I was always interested in blogging trips (Sandaig Netherlands 2008 or Glencoe 06 for example). I am interested in […]

One of my favourite pastimes is messing about with supercard an easy to use application development system for macs. One of the toys I’ve been working on for a few years is Halloween Poems. I am rushing out a new version this week. if you have a mac (OS 10.4) you might like to give […]

In mum’s garden, testing posting from iPhoto to a blog via appleScript, and metaWeblogApi. Title of post comes from photo’s title and the body of the post comes from the comment.

This post was made using TextMate and the metaweblog API.After a few failures I am pointing to http://www.sandaigprimary.co.uk/pivot/pivot/metaweblog.php#john_johnston to see if that works, using my Blog id at the end of the url.Main entry text

So I’ve been playing with AppleScript and blogging today. After reading Lazy Mac OS X: Weblog links sidebar and http://www.livejournal.com/doc/server/ljp.csp.blogger.html The Blogger API does not support the use of post titles (subjects). To set a title for your post include the title wrapped in <title> tags in your post body. I can post to this […]