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Tagging and its sibling concordance are aimed at pattern work, at reorganizing for new uses. Having the landing page for a key word with its living contexts be a place not just for reading but also for further pattern-making and writing is dynamite.

Just a vague though at the moment:

I’ve always found concordances interesting. I think I’ve a pretty recently unread one on a shelf somewhere. I’d not though of them as another way to dig into a blog. I’ve found a couple of interesting ways to search my blog recently. I wonder if something like the video demo that Ken Smith linked to could be made for WordPress tags?

Lean towards relating two tiddlers with a tag if one is {part of} the other, and towards relating them with a link if one is merely {related to} the other.

Grok TiddlyWiki

I usually think of tags in relation to a blog where they indicate a relationship as opposed to membership. This is helping me think about organisation of information. I use a few TiddlyWikis, but have just stumbled through the process.

Replied to What Happened to Tagging? by Aaron DavisAaron Davis (
Alexander Samuel reflects on tagging and its origins as a backbone to the social web. Along with RSS, tags allowed users to connect and collate content using such tools as feed readers. This all changed with the advent of social media and the algorithmically curated news feed. Samuel wonders if we h...

Hi Arron, thanks for this link (and many others). I remember when I first got involved in educational blogging it was fairly simple to pull together tags from any blog (via technorati ), twitter and flickr and display them on one page. I made a few for different educational events in Scotland. A marvellous opportunity now lost, hopefully to return.

Communicate.06 A nice thing about tags in a lot of web 2.0 stuff is the fact that they can be pulled together, pulled apart and re mixed.

tagged with Communicate.06 is a simple page that parse the RSS feeds that are tagged with communicate.06 from, technorati and flickr .

If you are going to/interested in Communicate.06 and you use any of these services you can tag stuff with communicate.06 and it will appear on the page. There is a load of services that do the same sort of thing (KickRSS and for instance) I’d guess Harnessing the Web will cover some of them.

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