gif of kidpix 'bomb' rummer

This is a blast from the past. This was one of the first applications I saw first apps when I first used computers. My classes at the time really enjoyed using this.

The other apps I remember from those days included Claris Works1 and HyperCard2
Amazing to see a Mac with kid pix running in emulation at It feels snappier than the LCs we had back then.

A pity I can’t get it going on iOS as I’d love to see my current class using it. The is a dialogue to input your name and I can’t type in it on iPad. Workarounds welcome.

The featured image is of the ‘bomb’ eraser ,which my pupils would use endlessly.

  1. I really enjoyed teaching with Claris Works, the drawing documents were great for teaching about layers, rotation etc and could be compared to the paint docs. ↩︎
  2. First as a source of clip art, then as everything. ↩︎