A group of 6 Red Deer, 4 stags in velvet and 2 hinds. 5 out of the 6 are looking at the camera.

A red Deer Fawn, side on, head turned to look at the camera
Between Beinn Bhrec & Ben Reoch
Deer grazing, 50 yds ahead, I stop for a couple of snaps, they move off slowly, pausing. In front of me a fawn approaches to 20 yards, then stops & stares. I watch a moment then move to send it after the adults. 4 stags in velvet & 2 hinds.

Started before 8, clouds very low and dark. Saw a couple of jays around the forestry block. Given the lack of visibility I spent a lot of time looking at the ground, sparkling with wild flowers mostly tiny.

By the Time I’d reached the top of Beinn Bhreac the visibility was down to 10–20 meters, luckily the newish fence leads the way to Beinn Reoch, larks and meadow pipets and larks singing. A deer in the gloom near Reoch.

As I went down Reoch the sky began to clear, the cobbler slowly emerged. Saw a wee lizard vanish into some moss. As I went up Tullich Hill the clouds lifted even more, and a bit of breeze got up. Lunch at he pool near the top. A few ravens about, one of which, entertained me lifting and diving on the uplift.

Quite a few deer on the sides of Tullich hill as I went down, back to the car by 2

Map and photos (mostly flowers): walkmap