Replied to KevinHodgson on Twitter (Twitter)

“I wanted to add images to represent uncertainty for my Song for An Uncertain Time that I created this morning as a soundtrack to the days, so I turned to Creative Commons blend tool by @johnjohnston and it was perfect — just enough off-balanced images … #ds106 #clmooc”

Kevin, I am delighted that my wee toy could be part of making something this lovely. Thanks for the mention!


Replied to KevinHodgson on Twitter (Twitter)

“#clmooc Feldgang – picture collage, from a woods walk, of rocks and boulders, all slightly turned over: bugs, worms, strange roots, holes, eggs … all sorts of weird cool stuff. How about you? What will you find?”

I am finding the #clmooc Feldgang fascinating, feels like my life is a Feldgang.
I am playing with the flickrAPI… 

A WIP, couple of examples: