Small, scoped areas within a graphical interface that allow users to read and write simple programmes

Had me at HyperCard

The remarkable thing about HyperCard is it gave users an enourmous range of control and flexibility. It came with a high-level, built-in programming language called Hypertalk that let users any edit any element on a card.

And made me click:

Fermat is a new spatial interface for brainstorming with generative AI systems. Similar to some of the apps I pointed out Spatial Web Browsing, it gives people an infinite canvas to lay out their ideas and then riff on them

Great read with lots to think about. I wonder do we consider this space:

HyperCard was a hit in its day. Users talked about how empowering it was to create beautiful things quickly and easily, without needing to know how to programme. 

In education enough?

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